The complex and extended supply chains of retail, commercial and industrial businesses often have extensive webs of suppliers, warehouses, distributors and outside sales organizations. Accuracy of on-hand inventory at all points of the supply chain is critical because not having the right parts or product mix in the right place can mean lost sales.

RGIS has the global capabilities and expertise to help you understand your supply chain from top to bottom

  • Inventory and data collection solutions
  • Annual physical counts
  • Cycle counts
  • Fixed asset
  • Perpetual inventory
  • Verify™
  • VisualCount™
  • Compliance audits
  • Loss prevention
  • Smartspace®

With a supply chain audit from RGIS, you will have an invaluable tool for evaluating your distribution structure and a powerful partner to help improve performance across your inventory chain. The result? A better understanding of the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities within your supply chain, creating maximum efficiency and a significant increase to your bottom line. RGIS can help you:

  • Perform inventory and data collection activities
  • Reduce total supply chain costs
  • Standardize MRO inventories
  • Reduce inventory holding
  • Improve order fulfillment cycle time
  • Increase forecast accuracy
  • Ensure customer items are in stock at the point of delivery

Our global reach enables us to deliver a unified view of inventory across even the most complex supply chains

With operations in more than 40 countries, RGIS is the global inventory and data collection leader -- large enough to support multinational chains operating on multiple continents and agile enough to apply our industry-leading experience at the local level. No other inventory services company brings as much experience to every count. No other company reaches farther.

A complete range of inventory data collection services

From inventory solutions to compliance audits and space optimization, RGIS can partner with you to improve inventory accuracy and data collection across your supply chain.

Proprietary and game-changing technologies

Our state-of-the-art equipment and technologies ensure data collection, efficiency and inventory accuracy. Secure wireless transmissions (two-way) protect your data for maximum security. RGIS gives you the fast, accurate and timely insight you need to optimize supply chain strategies.

VisualCount™ enables monitoring of inventory progress from any web browser, anywhere in the world

Exclusive to RGIS, VisualCount™ is an inventory process management tool that allows our clients to monitor the RGIS inventory counts and audits as an inventory progresses. This data collection capability provides a high level of transparency and visibility.

Our Verify™ service provides real-time confirmation of count accuracy

To ensure the highest level of inventory accuracy, RGIS’ Verify™ service offers even greater detail and verification, such as piece verification, unique UPC or random item scans. Using our patented hand-held technology, we can make alterations or additions and cross-validate in real-time, providing a greatly enhanced view of product data in an area.

Inventory solutions to ensure accuracy and efficiency

RGIS offers inventory and data collection solutions for supply chain optimization – from the warehouse to the store. Companies can rely on RGIS as a single source for inventory optimization in warehouses, distribution networks, forward-stocking locations, third-party logistics and complex supply chains.

Smartspace® by RGIS optimizes the productivity of available space

Traditional WMS applications manage the movement of product in and out of warehouses. Smartspace® adds visual problem-solving data intelligence, enhancing warehouse performance. By overlaying inventory data onto actual storage layouts, Smartspace® can help companies visualize supply chain problems and differences between expected and real conditions. Smartspace® can also optimize product and part placement within a warehouse to make order picking sequence and routing more efficient – whether manual or automated – to minimize the total travel distance to complete those orders.

A full array of compliance audits

RGIS compliance audits answer critical questions about supply chain integrity to give managers assurance that their numbers are accurate and processes are effective. Our reach ensures compliance-verification activities along all points of your supply chain, providing cost efficiency, simplicity and peace of mind.

Let RGIS help you optimize your inventory data collection and space planning activities

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