In the retail industry, there is a critical need to manage available space – from the beginning of the supply chain to the shelf in the store. The effective use of this space can mean the difference between profitability and underperformance.

Smartspace® by RGIS can optimize space – across the supply chain

RGIS is the largest inventory and data collection company in the world. Our commitment to accuracy, integrity and reliability, combined with our unmatched experience makes RGIS the service of choice for Fortune 500 companies, as well as local businesses.

The latest addition to our portfolio of services is Smartspace®, a turnkey, fully integrated, best-of-breed suite of macro space planning solutions. Together with our ability to expertly and efficiently audit a retailer’s highly valuable merchandisable and non-merchandisable space, Smartspace® by RGIS provides critical information necessary to optimize the productivity of available space.

Key benefits of using Smartspace® by RGIS

  • Completely integrated solutions from store layout capture to data analysis
  • Accurate, detailed information about the items in each store, on-hand availability and location
  • Our proprietary software is used to build highly accurate, 3-dimensional layouts of every individual store in CAD or CAD-compatible drawings
  • Data can be used to identify trends and product associations for improved placement and increased sales
  • Actionable analysis of which items are selling, where gross profits are being generated, and where, in each store, items are experiencing shrink
  • Data can be used to compare a store to any other store, a subset of stores or any store “model”
  • Customer managers can “walk” any store at any time without having to physically visit the store. They can see fixtures and know if the approved planogram is being followed
  • Allows for individual store personalization and optimization

Smartspace® uses a three-pronged approach to ensure profitable business decisions

  • A detailed, accurate individual store survey is performed using laser measurements and our exclusive handheld technology with touch-screen devices, built-in barcode scanners and radio frequency signaling
  • Data gathered in each store is synthesized into intelligence the entire management team can use to optimize store productivity and sales
  • Further, we can collect your store level space data, combine it with performance data and make appropriate store-specific recommendations for maximum space productivity.

Smartspace® Data Collector maps anything from an aisle to an entire site

Planning retail space at cluster-specific or even store-specific levels can dramatically increase merchandising compliance. However, these strategies can only realize their full potential if they are developed using accurate product-to-space information. With Smartspace® Data Collector, we can map anything from an aisle to an entire store, including architectural elements, fixtures, signage, and more. The use of our proprietary hand-held device allows us to perform live updates to an AutoCAD drawing or draw the store from scratch. This service can be scaled to any size survey to provide a precise view of an individual site layout for optimizing space or comparing a planogram to a realogram.

Smartspace® StorViewer® provides powerful space planning, reporting and collaboration tools

StorViewer® can be utilized at all levels of an organization -- from headquarters to stores – to run sophisticated chain-wide reporting and analysis, including heat mapping. By connecting to the Smartspace® Central Store Database over the internet or company intranet, StorViewer® allows field management to evaluate specific store performance and identify problem areas without the expense of visiting the stores.

Smartspace® StorPlanner® provides dynamic store planning and analysis

StorPlanner® is an intelligent retail planning and space management application that gives retailers the power to plan and evaluate the effectiveness of store layouts at individual, cluster or country level. StorPlanner® will provide retailers – of all sizes – the ability to analyze complex data sets accrued over defined periods, which can be associated to performance of store space.

Smartspace® extends into warehousing and supply chain applications

Traditional WMS applications manage movement of product in and out of warehouses. Smartspace® adds visual problem-solving data intelligence, enhancing warehouse performance. By overlaying inventory data onto actual storage layouts, Smartspace® can help companies visualize supply chain problems and differences between expected and real conditions. Smartspace® can also optimize product and part placement within a warehouse to make order picking sequence and routing more efficient – whether manual or automated – to minimize the total travel distance to complete those orders. Smartspace® can also help to optimize the adjacencies within a warehouse environment.

Let RGIS help you acquire the critical information you need to optimize the productivity of available in-store space


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