The complex and extended supply chains of retail, commercial and industrial businesses have extensive webs of suppliers, warehouses and distributors, creating challenges in tracking inventory. Accuracy of on-hand inventory at all points of the supply chain is critical – because not having the right parts or product mix in the right place can lead to wasted time, lost sales and ineffective customer service.

RGIS is the global leader and most trusted provider of optimization solutions, including:

  • Inventory and data collection
  • Space
  • Compliance
  • Loss prevention and shrink

Decades of experience, unparalleled quality control processes, cutting-edge proprietary technology, superior training and relentless focus on accuracy lead more businesses to choose RGIS than any other inventory and data collection company in the world.

Optimize inventory and data collection

With operations in more than 40 countries, RGIS is the global inventory and data collection leader – large enough to support multinational chains operating on multiple continents and agile enough to apply our industry-leading experience at the local level. No other inventory services company brings as much experience to every count. No other company reaches farther.

Experienced, professional RGIS teams keep your people focused on critical tasks. Our cost-effective data collection services, flexible scheduling and pinpoint accuracy make us a sensible alternative to tying down your staff with inventory counts – in the store or across the supply chain.

RGIS develops and utilizes the most advanced technology to ensure efficient and accurate results. From our Verify™ real-time validation and reconciliation capability to our VisualCount™ heat-map of inventory progress during the event, RGIS’ game-changing technology increases efficiency, transparency and security.

Optimize space

Smartspace® by RGIS is a turnkey, fully integrated, best-of-breed toolbox of macro-space planning solutions. Smartspace® adds a new dimension to data collection and business intelligence, providing critical information necessary to optimize the productivity of available, on-site space.

Whether you’re in retail or industrial, Smartspace® solutions can identify optimum use of space – from the store to the storeroom – and across the supply chain.

Optimize compliance

RGIS offers a full array of compliance audits, such as safety, security, shipment verification, transaction confirmation, and more – to ensure compliance with corporate and regulatory requirements. No other inventory services company offers more ways to answer all the vital questions about supply chain integrity and facility or store compliance. RGIS ensures that our processes and procedures are subject to a SAS-70 Type II audit, which provides peace of mind to finance, inventory and operations managers.

Optimize loss prevention and shrink

RGIS Loss Prevention services will identify disruptions in your supply chain. From your receiving department to your shipping dock and across your extended supply chain, RGIS has the unsurpassed global network, trained teams, proprietary process and technology to handle all of your inventory, data collection and asset management needs.

Let our inventory data collection and optimization expertise help you to make better stocking and distribution decisions, lower supply costs, meet regulatory requirements, and keep your high-value personnel focused on what’s most important to your business.

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