To optimize revenues and profitability, a company needs business intelligence that can provide valuable insights about inventories across the entire supply chain. From Aerospace and Automotive – to Healthcare and Retail – our insight solutions will help you generate tangible business improvements.

Exceptional insight begins with accurate data collection

At RGIS, our holistic approach supports a number of areas critical to your business – from warehousing and transportation delivery to optimization of available space. Our inventory, data collection and space optimization solutions help you reduce waste, overstock and spoilage.

  • Inventory insight
  • Space optimization insight
  • Compliance insight
  • Loss prevention insight

The data that RGIS collects will enable you to quickly and objectively:

  • Obtain an accurate and transparent view of your current inventory
  • Optimize the productivity of available space
  • Identify trends and new revenue opportunities
  • Increase data relevant to stocking and distribution decisions
  • Decrease operating expenses associated with inventory data collection

Inventory insight

With the largest geographic network in the world, RGIS can deliver a cost-effective view of inventory across even the most complex supply chains. With operations in more than 40 countries, RGIS is the global inventory data collection leader – large enough to support multinational chains operating on multiple continents – agile enough to apply our industry-leading experience at the local level.

No other inventory services company brings as much experience to every count.

No other company reaches farther.

RGIS has expertise in all types of inventories. From annual physical counts to cycle, fixed asset and perpetual inventories, RGIS is uniquely qualified to collect accurate data across the supply chain. Our expertise spans multiple environments – from the mines of Brazil to the supply rooms of world-class healthcare providers.

RGIS is the leader in developing and utilizing the most advanced technology to ensure accurate and efficient results. Exclusive to RGIS, our VisualCount™ capability enables you to monitor inventories as they occur. This dynamic process provides a high level of inventory transparency.

Space optimization insight

Smartspace® by RGIS is a turnkey, fully integrated, best-of-breed toolbox of macro space planning solutions. Smartspace® adds a new dimension to data collection and business intelligence, providing critical information needed to optimize the productivity of available space.

In the store – Smartspace® helps retailers to create accurate planograms, understand the gaps between the planogram and the realogram and ensure that the right products are in the right location.

In the warehouse – Smartspace® can add visual problem-solving intelligence to enhance warehouse efficiency. By overlaying inventory data onto actual storage layouts, Smartspace® can help companies visualize the difference between expected and real conditions. Smartspace® can also optimize product and part placement within a warehouse to make order picking sequence and routing more efficient – whether manual or automated – to minimize the total travel distance to complete those orders.

Compliance insight

RGIS offers a full array of compliance audits, including shipment verification and transaction confirmation. RGIS ensures that our processes and procedures are subject to a SAS-70 Type II audit, which provides peace of mind to finance, inventory and operations managers.

Loss prevention insight

RGIS loss prevention solutions will help you identify shrink hot spots and provide the insight to address these issues.

Competitive advantage

Let RGIS provide the actionable insights you need for enhanced business performance.

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