RGIS services: physical inventory services with proven success in all aspects of retail, healthcare and manufacturing 

RGIS is the global leader in onsite data collection and physical inventory services with customers of all sizes in retail, healthcare, manufacturing and virtually any business with inventory.

Since envisioning inventory as a service for Detroit-area grocery stores in the 1950s, RGIS has grown into a company with global resources and an extensive suite of offerings related to onsite data collection, inventory management, data reconciliation and space optimization. We now offer solutions for all types of inventory locations, including retail stores, hospitals, factories and schools.

Our services have evolved from decades of working closely with customers, learning their needs, and providing solutions. We continue to focus on helping our clients:

·          Count, manage and reconcile inventory data

·          Make smarter business decisions

·          Optimize their space and assets

·          Unburden high-value personnel to focus on the core tasks they were hired to perform

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RGIS is a certified independent auditor, providing an experienced and unbiased third party count when inventories need to be performed for regulatory compliance, contract renewals or due diligence. We follow each company’s unique specifications and meet project deadlines. Learn more

Physical Inventory

RGIS provides accurate and efficient on-site counts to everyone from the largest national retail brands to local, family-owned services providers. We have specialized inventory teams for all types of businesses, including: automakers, defense contractors, healthcare and educational institutions. Learn more

Fixed Asset Inventory

Our adapted solution process allows us to deliver a fixed asset inventory specific to your needs, without interrupting business. We count, affix barcodes and reconcile your asset data, giving you the insight to make proper business decisions.  Learn more

Battery Test & Replace™

Utilize RGIS auditors and proprietary technology from Global Technology Systems to eliminate battery-related device failure and save on unnecessary device-related repairs and service calls, boosting productivity, customer satisfaction and employee morale. Learn more 

Retail Remodels & Resets

Our reset and remodel specialists can complete you store improvement projects on time and to your specifications. With offices across the country, and decades of experience, we bring your vision to life. Learn more

Retail Fixturing & Merchandising

We can deliver expert store fixture installation and retail merchandising across all of your locations, for help with big projects and ongoing needs. Learn more 

Operational Shrink Solutions for Supermarkets, Grocery & Convenience Stores 

We perform an audit to discover the sources of your operational shrink loss and then provided a detailed road map to help minimize it. Learn more  

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

RFID technology is revolutionizing the way retailers and other businesses manage their inventory, providing heightened visibility and the accuracy necessary to effectively implement omnichannel retailing. Learn more

Space Management & Analysis

Do you have the intelligence to make the most of your retail space? RGIS retail space planning services help you get more profit per square foot. Learn more

Healthcare Inventory Services

Our dedicated healthcare teams are trained to deliver a variety of inventories, including: pharmacy, clinical supply, PDMA and medical device. We also offer inventory management solutions designed to increase efficiency and patient safety. Learn more

Manufacturing Services

Plant managers count on RGIS to increase the effectiveness of their inventory management systems. From wall-to-wall counts to MRO inventories, we provide the data collection and verification services to keep supply chains and assembly lines running efficiently.  Learn more


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