Merchandising Plus: Turn Your Store Vision into Reality

For resets, store remodels and merchandising, no one offers more resources in more places than RGIS. With a dedicated staff of experts and a network of nearly 200 U.S. offices, your projects will be completed on schedule and at the highest quality. You already have the vision, now you have the resources, too.

  • Comprehensive Services
    • Fixture moves and installations
    • Gondola moves
    • Signage and graphic installations
    • Merchandising
    • Customized services to complete your vision
  • Intangibles
    • During the past five years, RGIS has helped transform more than 11,000 stores
    • We only use W-2 employees – RGIS hired and trained
    • We cut costs without cutting corners Optimal resource deployment
    • Centralized scheduling and communications
    • Capacity planning
    • Projects are completed on schedule and at the highest quality

Space Optimization with SmartSpace™

Get more out without putting more in. Evaluate, analyze and optimize your retail space. Understand every aisle, every corner and every opportunity. Create and test your concepts in a virtual environment. Find what works, and get more from every store. Increase profit margins by maximizing your retail selling space. SmartSpace provides you with a complete visual and data interpretation of your store space. It allows you to analyze your retail execution and explore your options by experimenting in a virtual environment.
  • What is SmartSpace?
    • A best of breed floor planning macro space management solution
    • Data collection technology that produces highly accurate store specific floor plans and survey information
    • Query enabled database to examine KPI’s, adjacencies, shrink
    • Heat mapping capability to quickly visualize performance by store
    • Fully integrated with AutoCAD
    • Centralized Industry Standard database

Store Survey Capabilities

SmartSpace Data Collector enables detailed, accurate, individual store surveys using laser measurements and our proprietary handheld technology with touch screen capabilities, built-in barcode scanners and radio frequency signaling. The software is used to build highly accurate, three dimensional layouts of every individual store in CAD or CAD-compatible drawings. Spreadsheet data as well as pictures can be provided.

SmartSpace™ Software

StorPlanner is an intelligent space management application designed to meet planning and analytical needs for a wide variety of retailers. Statistics show that the use of StorPlanner® can result in a 63% productivity improvement for store planning departments. StorPlanner® gives retailers the power to plan and evaluate the effectiveness of store layouts at an individual, cluster or country level.

Smartspace Leading Partners

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