Grocery and Supermarket: On-Site Physical Inventory Services, Store Merchandising and Operational Shrink Solutions

When low margins meet high volume, every decision counts.

That’s why we help grocery stores and supermarkets accurately collect physical inventory counts. And then we go beyond the count with inventory management solutions and store planning that let you make smarter, more agile decisions—purchasing and placement decisions that make a difference for the bottom line—from store to store, across the entire supply chain.

When it comes to grocery, we’re a lot more than a provider of accurate on-site physical counts and advanced inventory management solutions.

Consider our mobile workforce positioned across the country, decades of grocery industry experience, and state-of-the-art software as a strategic asset for you, ready to make a difference with manpower and turnkey intelligence when you need to:

·          open new stores

·          reset existing ones

·          stock the shelves

·          plan the space for maximized sales

·          reduce shrink

·          much, much more

Below are more details on just some of the ways that we give grocers a competitive advantage in the low-margin, high-volume marketplace:

Physical Inventory Services

We’re the industry leader in retail physical inventory services. Our auditors come to your stores, warehouses, shipping depots—anywhere you need us, with the latest technology and at times of the day and week that cause the least distraction for your shoppers.

With hand-held technology that integrates seamlessly with your inventory management software or solutions we provide, we perform all manner of physical inventories, including complete counts of merchandise and fixed asset physical inventories. We serve stores of all sizes, from rural mom & pops to the largest household names in grocery and supermarkets.

Battery Test & Replace™

A simple procedure with surprising savings, Battery Test & Replace is where we go to your store locations, test the rechargeable batteries in all your devices and equipment, recycle the unhealthy ones and replace them with healthy ones.

The retailer in our pilot study experienced a 64% reduction in OEM service calls and a 94% reduction in repairs that came back “no trouble found.”  The retailer saved $9 million over the course of the one-month test by having RGIS make a series of discreet 90-minute visits to their 2,000 stores. A savings of $4,500 per store per month.

RFID Inventory System

Radio Frequency Identification is making its way to supermarkets and grocery stores, improving store and warehouse efficiency, increasing inventory accuracy and reducing shrinkage of perishable goods.

RGIS can help get you started with an RFID inventory system proof of concept customized for your needs: Start with one or two of your stores for a 4-month trial period that includes setup on your network and store tag-up. Key performance indicators include:

·          sales uplift

·          comparison of physical inventory vs. RFID inventory

·          comparisons of % out of stock and % out of shelf

·          comparisons of aged out of shelf and aged out of stock

Shrink Solutions

Grocery and supermarket clients also rely on RGIS for effective, integrated shrink solutions customized to the specific needs of each client, and based on a custom audit by RGIS of the client’s inventory data to fully reveal the sources of shrink that need to be addressed.


Grocery stores and supermarket businesses interested in macro space management take advantage of SmartSpace™ store layout software and surveys for asset optimization, using real sales data and real layouts of actual stores to identify and experiment with the small changes in product placement and planograms that can make a huge difference across stores.

Additional Services

·          compliance audits

·          fixture installations

·          scan-based trading audits

·          supply chain audits

·          truck/trailer audits

·          warehouse physical inventory

Partner with RGIS for physical inventory services and specialized retail merchandising programs to make day-to-day work more effortless and reduce the cost of business—while making it easier for your staff to focus on what they do best

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