Physical Inventory & Retail Planning for Drug, Health & Beauty Stores

When your merchandise is in the swift-counting hands of RGIS, your customers are in good hands, too. Because when we perform your physical inventories, the focus of your personnel can stay on customer service and because RGIS inventory experts and merchandising specialists make sure that your shelves are:

·          brand compliant

·          properly stocked

…and  that your inventories have the kind of industry-leading accuracy that identifies in-store out of stocks and provides the insight you need to make the smartest business decisions.

Why RGIS for Physical Inventories?

The industry leader in on-site data collection, we counted 33.2 billion pieces of inventory for clients last year. And as a global company with global reach, we serve the needs of drug store and HBC retailers of all sizes, from independent business owners to the largest retail franchises.

Our trained inventory professionals arrive at your store locations with advanced handheld technology already programmed to seamlessly populate your inventory management system. The counts, which typically take only a few hours, can be performed at off hours or slow times to reduce or eliminate disruptions, including nights and weekends.

Trained in drug and health, beauty and cosmetics inventories, RGIS auditors provide:

·          Complete counts of merchandise

·          Fixed asset inventory services

·          Compliance audits

·          Scan-based trading audits

·          Supply chain audits

·          Truck/trailer audits

·          Warehouse physical inventories

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Merchandising, Fixturing, Store Resets, Remodels, Rebrands

Drug stores and health, beauty and cosmetics retailers have a lot on their plate when it comes to seasonality and brand compliance, with the need to continuously rearrange and restock their stores with the latest trend.

That’s why RGIS offers retailers of all sizes the on-site expertise and talent they need for merchandising, fixturing, store resets, store remodels and even complete rebranding and liquidation.

With 30,000 employees located across the country and around the globe in Europe, Asia and South America, we have the presence that makes us local to independent retailers and global brands alike.

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RFID Inventory Management

RFID infrastructure from RGIS and our global partner Checkpoint gives you inventory at the speed of light, and puts your inventory management on autopilot.


For drug stores and HBC retailers with e-commerce functionality and multi-platform marketing, RFID makes omnichannel retailing possible. It delivers integrated, real-time inventory visibility and management, helping to ensure product availability for customers whether they’re in-store or online.

RFID inventory management gives retailers additional benefits including:

·          making mobile checkout possible

·          enhancing loss prevention

·          providing merchandising insight to get the most out of every square foot

RGIS makes it easy and low-risk for retailers to adopt full in-store coverage and to test a store first to see the benefits before expanding RFID across stores and deeper into the supply chain.

Visit our RFID information page or feel free to contact RGIS to learn more about our RFID proof-of-concept program today.

Battery Test & Replace™

Identifying unhealthy rechargeable batteries with our proprietary technology and replacing them with fresh batteries able to hold a full charge, is the answer to expensive, inefficient power management. Battery Test & Replace™ , a brand new offering from RGIS, reduces equipment service costs and gives store employees devices that actually work as intended for every shift.

A top 5 national retailer saved millions and enjoyed significant ROI by adopting the cost-effective on-site service for its stores across the country.

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SmartSpace™ Retail Planning

Drug stores and health, beauty and cosmetics retailers of all sizes also rely on RGIS for advanced retail planning technology.

SmartSpace™ syncs with your existing inventory management system to match real sales data with full visual interpretations of store plans, allowing for the testing of product placement ideas in a virtual setting before implementing them in or across stores.

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These are the ways RGIS improves store operations, provides the resources needed to complete merchandising and strategic events like remodels, keeps key personnel focused on customer service, and goes beyond the count to provide retailers with the insight they need to make smarter, more profitable business decisions.

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