Physical inventory services and so much more: We know what counts for convenience stores and dollar stores

Convenience and dollar stores make life easier for their customers every day. Working with RGIS makes the lives of our high-volume, low-margin customers easier, too, in ways that also enhance profitability.

That’s why independent convenience and dollar store businesses and global brands rely on RGIS for:

·          inventory counts

·          store design

·          retail optimization solutions

Physical Inventory Services: How They Work

Supplied with the latest handheld technology, RGIS auditors perform the customized on-site counts you need.

Our retail physical inventory services include annual and cycle counts of merchandise and fixed asset physical inventories, along with scan-based trading audits and compliance audits—all performed after hours, or during your least-busy times to eliminate or minimize disruption.

Retailers immediately notice increased accuracy and heightened visibility, and enjoy the added returns that come about as a result of their personnel being allowed to focus on what they do best—serve the customer.

RFID Inventory Systems

We implement RFID inventory systems that provide unrivalled visibility of merchandise across the supply chain, from distribution centers to store shelves, reducing shrink and out-of-stocks, improving the customer experience while transforming inventory and supply into a competitive advantage.

We install and support integrated management systems that offer you superior real-time intelligence and your personnel intuitive interfaces that make their day-to-day, moment-to-moment tasks smoother and more effortless.

Retail Optimization Solutions

RGIS offers additional retail services that:

·          make your stores smarter with their space with our product SmartSpace®

·          improve the reliability of the portable devices you depend on for critical everyday tasks with Battery Test & Replace™

·          provide you with the specialists you need, when you need them, to reset, remodel and open new stores

SmartSpace®: Franchise-Wide Store Planning

RGIS’ proprietary SmartSpace software gives you complete visual and data interpretations of your store spaces, allowing you to create an up-to-date and accurate “virtual model” of all your franchise locations.

SmartSpace is an intelligent store design system integrated with your actual inventory data that lets you plan store strategies, identify opportunities and test concepts digitally before going live with them.

Battery Test & Replace™: Portable Device Power Management

In-store mobile devices are fantastic when it comes to productivity, but the technology comes with a soft spot—the power supply, the failure of which interrupts transactions and drives device maintenance costs to each store’s monthly ledger.

Our simple solution: Battery Test & Replace, where RGIS auditors visit to your store locations to test your rechargeable batteries with our proprietary technology, and then replace bad batteries with healthy new ones.

A large national retailer that tested the service reduced device maintenance costs by tens of thousands of dollars per store, per month.

Specialized Retail Staffing: The Specialists You Need, When You Need Them

Taking advantage of our unsurpassed geographic footprint and retail expertise, convenience store and dollar store retailers ramp up quickly when they need expert help to quickly and professionally complete strategic events such as:

·          Store resets

·          Store remodels

·          Rebranding

·          Store reorganizations

·          Liquidations

We also offer specialized temporary staffing for more regular needs:

·          merchandising and fixture installation

·          extra retail temps (all RGIS employees) for holiday high-volume periods

To learn more about how RGIS makes all kinds of retail businesses more profitable and better places to shop, contact RGIS today.

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