Pharmaceutical manufacturers: Painless, accurate PDMA compliance solutions, more inventory and operational services

PDMA Inventories and Audits

PDMA compliance doesn’t have to slow down sales reps in the field.

And neither does the avoidance of fines, commonly in the hundreds of millions of dollars, have to be placed on busy sales reps with more urgent priorities than accounting for drug samples.

RGIS, the market leader in inventory counts, provides PDMA inventories and PDMA audits that ensure the:

·          accounting

·          tracking

·          monitoring

·          auditing

of drug samples that keeps you in compliance without slowing down your customer service or sales.

Each manufacturer has its own variances to the general distribution model. That’s why PDMA inventories and audits from RGIS are not one-size-fits-all, but tailored to fit the real way you do business from the factory door to the rep in the field.

Our PDMA service is composed of:

·          physical counts at storage locations, home offices and other locations where samples are stored

·          full inspections by auditors to ensure that storage guidelines are being followed

·          vehicle procurement

RGIS employee auditors are positioned from coast to coast, in more than 170 offices throughout the country. Trained and certified in PDMA compliance requirements, compliance experts arrive on-site equipped with patented handheld technology to:

·          Capture the count data with scanners or keypad entry

·          Answer storage inspection questions through a series of on-screen prompts

·          Digitally capture required signatures

·          Send results electronically within 24 hours

This process eliminates transcribing errors, illegibility issues and the delays involved in mailing original signatures.

Partnering with RGIS makes PDMA compliance feel painless, while easing the burden on sales reps and helping to keep your company out of hot water with regulators.

Put decades of inventory experience and our global resources to work for you. To learn more, contact RGIS today.

Additional services we offer pharmaceutical manufacturers are listed below. These are services developed from decades of working closely with manufacturing and healthcare customers.

They are designed to improve operations, reduce costs, and provide the insight you need to truly understand your assets and make smarter business decisions:

·          Physical inventory 

·          Fixed Asset Inventory

·          Battery Test & Replace™: power management for portable devices

·          RFID: perpetual inventory systems, tagging, tracking

·          Physician Office Audits

·          Finished Goods Inventory

·          MRO Inventory

·          Pack/Pull

·          Supply Chain Audits

·          Truck/Trailer Audits

·          Warehouse Physical Inventory

To learn more and get a quote, contact RGIS today.

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