Inventory Services, MRO and More for Medical Device and Medical Supply Manufacturers

Medical device manufacturers are different. They have unique models of distribution for highly valuable, thoroughly regulated products—the same is true for medical supply companies.

The trend is that medical manufacturers are discovering the benefits of outsourcing their physical counts to experienced vendors expert in the tracking and accounting of inventory and the technical solutions that manage it all.

Making the switch is improving accuracy across the industry, smoothing out operations in general, and making life easier for sales reps who are freed up to focus more on what they do best: serving their contacts.

RGIS is the industry leader in inventory services, pioneering the field 50 years ago. We perform more than 500,000 inventory events every year, and have the experience to deliver the results you can trust.

Ask around. Boston Scientific has been an RGIS client since we upgraded their in-house inventories with a new company-wide inventory management system in 2006, and began providing them highly trained medical inventory specialists to bring new levels of accuracy to their:

·          physical inventories

·          fixed asset inventories

·          MRO inventories

·          supply chain audits

·          warehouse physical inventories

·          trunk counts

·          cycle counts

·          compliance audits

Your work is important: saving lives and improving quality of life for patients across the globe.

RGIS is here, with advanced technology like RFID and cutting-edge handhelds, decades of experience and nearly 170 offices across the country to take inventory off your plate and to a new level that transforms it into the kind of real-time intelligence that allows for better business decision-making across the supply chain.

Contact RGIS today to learn more about how medical device and medical supply manufacturing companies are better accounting for their assets and removing obstacles from their daily operations with inventory programs and solutions from RGIS.

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