The increasingly complex supply chains of medical device manufacturers demand a new level of nimbleness and speed in tracking product from production line to the front lines. Direct and outside sales forces need to maximize product in customers’ hands; manufacturers need to minimize product stranded in various distribution channels.

RGIS can help you balance these two competing interests, with the industry’s most experienced, extensive and advanced teams and processes for inventory, data collection and asset management solutions. We’re seasoned at handling counts from local to global within tight frames, to give you a precise picture of finished goods and parts moving rapidly through your distribution and sales channels. In an era when profits are made and lost on how quickly and efficiently you can move your high-value products through your supply chain, RGIS gives you the insight you need to keep your organization running at peak potential – and focused on core competencies and innovation.

  • The largest and most experienced inventory and data-collection company – with over 350 offices in more than 40 countries across the globe, RGIS has the reach to deliver a unified view of inventory across even the most complex supply chain.
  • Teams certified and experienced in the medical-device space – RGIS inventory assessment professionals know the unique characteristics of your often-complex product offerings, from high-value devices to widely varied parts and consumables.
  • Consigned inventory assessments across all points of custody – RGIS has the expertise you need to conduct inventories at customer sites and across your sales and distribution channels, keeping your sales force focused on selling and service.
  • Proprietary, secure data-collection technology ensures speed and accuracy – RGIS' advanced technology and proprietary processes give your managers the real-time insight they need to manage inventories across all points of your supply chain.
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