As the world’s largest and most experienced inventory and data collection company, RGIS is the best choice to meet your needs by offering:
  • Inventory Solutions and Technologies
  • Annual physical counts
  • Cycle counts
  • Fixed asset
  • Perpetual inventory
  • Verify™
  • VisualCount™
  • Compliance audits
  • Shrink Solutions
  • Insight
  • Smartspace®
  • Retail Services
  • Supply Chain
In the highly competitive retail market, with margins measured in single digits, conducting accurate inventories across your entire organization is essential to your bottom line. You need a partner with the experience, reach, people and technology to help you optimize stocking levels and product mix, minimize wasted steps and costs, and maximize revenue and margin growth everywhere you sell.

RGIS is the largest retail inventory and data collection company in the world with the widest array of services. Using our vast human and technological resources, we develop and execute uniquely designed programs to meet your specific requirements. Through our worldwide network, we can create a program of any size, enabling improvements in inventory management and accuracy, shrink and asset performance, and merchandising and space management for businesses on all scales – from the largest multinational chains to small family-owned companies. Our reach and rich history of retail supply chain experience makes us your best choice for inventory and data collection solutions – from warehouse and remote distribution center to retail store.

The largest geographic network ensures cost-effective coverage – No other inventory services company can match our global coverage. With over 350 offices in more than 40 countries, our 25,000 trained and equipped employees stand ready to undertake your project today, whether it’s around the world or around the corner.
Unsurpassed experience –  RGIS began as a retail inventory company in 1958. We perform more than 500,000 retail inventories a year. Our ability to react to the vast and ever-changing requirements and methodologies of the retail environment has made us a world leader.

Elite teams trained specifically for work in retail environments – We ensure that every RGIS employee is well-trained, well-informed and supplied with the best data collection equipment available for your specific project, so we can ensure the inventory is completed to your satisfaction.

State-of-the-art technology – RGIS is a leader in developing and utilizing the most advanced technology and services to ensure efficient, accurate results. From our Verify™ real-time validation and reconciliation feature to our VisualCount™ heat-map of inventory progress, RGIS’ game-changing technology increases efficiency and reduces costs on all levels.

Uniquely qualified to conduct any type of inventory – From physical annual counts and perpetual inventories to compliance audits, RGIS has the experience to efficiently and cost-effectively meet your inventory and data collection requirements.

Retail Services – RGIS is an expert in site and category resets, remodels and merchandising, including fixture assembly and maintenance. You get proven experience and results from a world leader.

Smartspace® – A turnkey, fully integrated, best-of-breed toolbox of macro-space planning solutions, Smartspace® from RGIS adds a new dimension to retail business intelligence, providing critical information necessary to optimize the productivity of available, in-store space.

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