Fast, accurate inventory solutions through technology and manpower for automotive manufacturing

The speed of business is fast, and manufacturing assembly lines and warehouses are in constant flux.

When production is jeopardized by inaccuracies that cycle counts can’t solve, automotive manufacturing businesses have a partner in RGIS.

We’ve been righting the inventories for automotive manufacturing clients for decades.

Founded in Detroit in 1958, RGIS has a workforce of 30,000 inventory experts working locally from 350 offices across the United States and in 40 countries—a reach that mirrors the footprints of factories, warehouses and the ports of entry for many manufacturing businesses.

RGIS auditors, already trained on your specific inventory need, arrive with proprietary handheld technology pre-programmed to work with your inventory management system that in one recent example, allowed us to count and reconcile 19,100 parts per minute and 27.5 million parts per day.

Simply put, we handle problems people think are too big to fix. That’s because only RGIS has the wall-to-wall resources to deliver fast, accurate inventories anywhere in your supply chain, anytime you need it.

To learn more about how we ramp up quickly to solve complicated automotive manufacturing inventory issues, contact RGIS today.

Inventory Management and Additional Inventory Counts

Factory managers, warehouse managers and automotive manufacturing executives also look to RGIS for upgrades of their inventory management systems, including the chain-wide implementation of RFID inventory management technology for perpetual, real-time inventory capability.

Inventory counts beyond wall-to-wall that we perform for automotive manufacturing clients:

·          physical inventory

·          fixed asset inventory

·          finished goods inventories

·          supply chain audits

·          truck/trailer audits

·          warehouse physical inventories

Space Optimization and Cost-Reduction Services

RGIS goes beyond the count to deliver automotive clients innovative means of reducing operational costs with our brand new Battery Test & Replace™ service and our space optimization solutions that make factory floors and warehouses more productive with less effort.

To learn more about the ways RGIS turns inventory into opportunities for upgrading system-wide intelligence, and how we can help you perform audits and optimize the space in your factories and warehouses for real gains in efficiency and productivity, read more details about our manufacturing services or simply contact RGIS today.

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